Specified worldwide, Petrochem Aluzinc is the most cost effective, safe, corrosion resistant metal pipework jacketing / cladding for petrochemical insulation protection applications.

Back in June 2000, to demonstrate that Petrochem Aluzinc metal jacketing fitted to the correct specification will withstand a typical hydrocarbon fire, tests were carried out under a controlled experiment at the independent Warrington Fire Research Centre in the UK.

Petrochem ZX clad insulated pipes where tested alongside stucco aluminium sheet, aluminium foil, PVC and Butyl rubber cladding, a typical hydrocarbon fire does not reach the melting point of steel. Aluminium melts at 660°C…Petrochem Aluzinc is still intact beyond 1200°C.

It was found that aluminium cladding, foil cladding and PIB all melted within three minutes, PVC ignited within 30 seconds – The Petrochem Aluzinc protected pipes remained intact even after 30 minutes.

For many years we have known that our shallow ZX adds strength to Aluzinc material when used either as flat sheets or when rolled for use as insulation jacketing/cladding or ductwork…