TICA students try out Petrochem ZX profile Aluzinc


For many years SSAB Swedish Steel have supplied flat sheet Aluzinc for TICA students to practice making a multitude of insulated pipe-work jacketing/cladding.

As part of SSAB/Aluzinc’s program with TICA, stock of 0.5mm Petrochem ZX shallow profile sheet material has been supplied for students to practice insulation pipe-work fabrication.

Initial trials where carried out by the TICA teaching staff who where impressed with the way the profiled Aluzinc perform.

“The 0.5 material we tried was thinner gauge than we normally use, yet the ZX profile makes rolled tube sections more robust and easier to handle.”

“All we had to do was alter the rollers to allow for the 1mm profile, other than the thinner gauge is easier to cut, trim, punch and form flanges into than the .6 (mm) flat sheet we normally use. We will be giving the ZX material to our Level 3 students to see how they get on with it, but I think the extra strength will help students retain a good shape whilst making joints and other shapes.” remarked Mick Bainbridge - Craft Instructor/Assessor