185g/m2 COATING

185g/m2 is specified for use on all petrochemical/chemical applications.

185g/m2 coating = 25 microns each side (equivalent to 350g/m2 coating of zinc galvanised), hot dipped alloy coating (galvanising process) 55% Aluminium. 43.4% Zinc. 1.6% Silicon (by weight) giving 185 grammes of alloy per m2 equally distributed between both sides of a sheet, which in most applications gives between 6 and 20 times the corrosion resistance vs that of traditional zinc galvanised steel. Aluzinc is particularly good compared to galvanised in salt laden, acidic and polluted atmospheres.

For over 20 years we have had a sheet of SSAB/Aluzinc on a corrosion resistance test at Dungeness Power Station on the Kent coast where it has been exposed to constant sea spray without sustaining red rust corrosion at any corner, edge or face.


The finish is a bright aluminium type, with predictably consistent small spangles. Stays bright throughout life, with excellent heat resistance - does not change appearance until beyond 315˚c. Can be used to much higher temperatures if "greying" is irrelevant. Offered with with special mark and finger print resistant coating.