ALUZINC PETROCHEMCLAD PROFILE - Nato Stock Number (NSN) U1L91 - 9515993579537

PetrochemClad® has a nominal 10mm deep profile giving it the strength required for tank and vessel cladding. A consistently regular profile, PetrochemClad® has been developed by SSAB Swedish Steel with a number of design criteria in mind. Namely the profile must be strong; it must be regular and small; it must be much more flexible in use than other profiles; and of course, it must be readily available. PetrochemClad® meets all these demands. PetrochemClad® is a derivative of Petrochem ZX®  profile, the standard used by the petrochemical insulation industry for pipe jacketing.

PetrochemClad® Aluzinc to BS EN 10326/7 2004 - the facts and figures

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standard Certificate.
  • BS EN10346:2015 - Hot Dip, Double-Sided Coated Steel.
  • PERTOCHEMCLAD ALUZINC - Nato Stock Number (NSN) U1L91 - 9515993579537
  • Rolled and cut to order.

Available in:

  • Cut sheets from 2 to 4 metres long
  • Gauges - 0.5 and 0.6mm
  • Standard width covers 890mm (with 60mm overlap)

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