ALUZINC PETROCHEM ZX PROFILE Nato Stock Number (NSN) U1L91 - 9515995639000


For increased rigidity, often helpful on large diameter pipe-work insulation jacketing and ductwork projects, our shallow Petrochem ZX® profile can be added to either Dobelshield® embossed finish or standard flat finish as required. This profile often enables a lighter gauge to be used (0.1mm/0.3 mm thinner) without loss of rigidity, saving on weight and cost.

Our Petrochem ZX® profile provides increase strength with no loss of overall coverage width.

Once profiled Petrochem ZX® can be supplied re-coiled or supplied as cut to length sheets.

All insulation fabrications, including flange cases, are still easy to mechanically fabricate with our Petrochem ZX® Profile.


Petrochem Profile Aluzinc - the facts and figures

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standard Certificate.
  • BS EN10346:2015 - Hot Dip, Double-Sided Coated Steel.
  • PETROCHEM ZX - Nato Stock Number (NSN) U1L91 - 9515995639000
  • PETROCHEM ZX DOBELSHIELD - Nato Stock Number (NSN) U1L91 - 9515993656433

Available in:

  • Dobelshield® and standard flat finish
  • Coils from 50 kilos to 5000 kilos
  • Cut sheets from 0.5 metres long to 5 metres long
  • Gauges 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 & 0.7mm
  • Standard width 1000mm with 1250mm width also available

Full range available from the UK's highest levels of stock


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picture Aluzinc Chemical Pipework
Aluzinc Chemical Pipework

Aluzinc - Pharmaceutical-Chemicals

Picture Aluzinc Chemical pipework Paull
Aluzinc Chemical pipework Paull

Aluzinc - Chemical works Paull

Picture Aluzinc Petrochemical Works
Aluzinc Petrochemical Works

Aluzinc - Petrochemical Works Immingham

Aluzinc - Petrochemical Works